On-Line and Face to Face Training


Maureen McDaniell and Helen Hampton are two of four independent Accredited Sounds-Write linguistic phonics trainers in Australia. As experienced trainers and practitioners we are dedicated to working exclusively with Sounds-Write because we believe it is the best linguistic phonics program, backed by science and research, that is currently available.

We are committed to reducing the very poor functional literacy rates of school leavers in Australia.  We recognise that accessing quality professional development opportunities in regional Australia can involve considerable travel and expense, so we  provide remote and regional classroom teachers, education assistants, speech therapists and parents access to Sounds-Write training on-line. 


We and our colleagues based on the east coast of Australia, James Lyra and Alison Perry, work collaboratively on Sounds-Write training.


Sounds-Write provides classroom teachers and associated professionals with a comprehensive system with which to teach reading, spelling and writing. Ideally it is introduced in the first year of formal schooling and then fine-tuned throughout the rest of primary school. In addition, it can also serve as highly successful intervention or catch-up program.


Details of the program, and the reasons for its outstanding reputation, are set out on the Sounds-Write UK Ltd website.





Maureen is a registered teacher and was concerned at the declining literacy standards in schools over the decades. In 2011 she decided in specialise in teaching foundation literacy as an intervention and sought a program that would provide primary school students with their best prospects for success. The result of that search was Sounds Write.  The program had been created as a mainstream tool for whole classroom teaching but worked seamlessly as an intervention method.


As a graduate from the first Sounds-Write training with John Walker in Western Australia in 2013 Maureen rapidly found she was in demand and now, online training has increased that demand.


As an experienced practitioner and trainer, Maureen brings to her Sounds Write training a practical, in-depth understanding of the challenges facing teachers and parents in delivering effective literacy programs in schools and at home. 



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Helen is a Specialist literacy tutor and Sounds-Write trainer. Her interest in literacy and linguistic phonics stemmed from working with her severely dyslexic daughter fifteen years ago.  In 2011, realising the lack of local specialist literacy support for families in similar circumstances, she set up a tutoring service to support primary and secondary students struggling to acquire literacy skills. Since completing her training with John Walker in Perth 2013, she has been using Sounds-Write in her practice to successfully tutor individual students on a weekly basis.  

Based in Margaret River, Helen delivers Sounds Write courses across the South West region of Western Australia and other remote regional areas.  She also provides post-training coaching to schools and other education professionals.



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