6 Week on-line training   
This 6 week Sounds-Write training with experienced trainers let's you learn at your own pace using video demonstrations in real classrooms, quizzes that help you monitor your progress and interactions with colleagues across Australia that bring the programme to life in day to day environments. Regular Zoom sessions allow tailored discussion and problem solving with your trainer/s. All materials are provided and support is available on-line or by email and phone


4 day face-to-face training
4 Day intensive Sounds-Write training by highly experienced trainers. Sound Literacy generally undertakes training in one week in 2 x 2 day blocks. All training materials are provided. You can attend one of our scheduled courses or we can come to your school.

A$ 880.00 pp (incl gst)

A$ 880.00 pp (incl gst

3 Weeks online Sounds-Write Revisited       Contact us direct here  

The course IS ONLY available if you have already completed the full course either Face to Face or online and have approximately 12 months experience in implementing the programme. You will be asked to upload a copy of your Sounds-Write certificate and name the trainer and when you trained. If you would like information on the course click HERE.


Please contact us direct if you would like to register your interest in the next course Maureen 0418 195 926 or email training@soundliteracy.com.au.

Considering whole school training?                Contact us direct here

If your school is committing to whole school training in Sounds-Write we provide discounted rate and make recommendations about a staged approach. Please contact us directly to discuss with Maureen 0418 195 926 or email training@soundliteracy.com.au.

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